Photo Credit: Lustus Pro


I am a sophisticated Alpha Femme based in New York City with a penchant for sadism, subversion, psychology, and undermining taboos.

I am a professional and lifestyle Dominant who is constantly learning, studying, and developing Her repertoire. I have been a Professional Alpha Femme for nearly 6 years and am perpetually refining My approach, deepening My psychological relationship to FemDom, and honing in on My specialities. 

I can bring your most depraved fantasies to life, from the deeply raw and visceral to the nuanced and cerebral. 

I can carefully guide you into a deeper level of acceptance of your sexuality and self.

All I ask is for you to give yourself up. Submit to Me completely. Approach Me AND yourself with an open mind.

I am your Goddess, Witch, Master, Boss - the creature of your dreams and nightmares - in the flesh. A Succubus elevated and reframed in new light.

I am sharp, decadent, intoxicating, and quick to laughter. I take the deepest pleasure in carving your flesh, masterfully turning you inside out, feeding you blunt, necessary medicine, and drinking up your vexed state only to concoct and deliver you the most delicious mindfuck. 

I am intense, visceral, physically strong. I am a cyclist and very physically active. I expend considerable energy taking great care of My body and mind through a healthy diet, exercise, and endless creative outlets. Outside of Professional Domination and BDSM lifestyle training, I am a busy intermedia artist working in video and sound. I spend great swaths of time curating shows, visiting museums, attending openings, and collaborating with a diverse range of artists. My artistic obsessions influence My play from the music you hear during our playtime to My penchant for antiques, vintage attire, and surrealist decorative flourishes. My hunger for exploration in the nuances of this world is seemingly endless. I do not attempt to fit a mold. Meet me as I am and, if you come with the utmost earnest respect, I will meet you as you are.

I stand at 5'5" and weigh approximately 120 lbs. My measurements are 34-25-37. I am slender yet athletic. I am confidently agile as I hover over your trembling body, holding and restraining you steadily with My firm grip. I take pride in my sculpted legs and powerful thighs so that I may hold and crush you should I choose. My full, lush, natural pubic and underarm hair reinforce My effortless beauty. However, while My body may draw you in, it is My special breed of intelligence, wisdom, and intention that will truly ensnare and transform you. 

I revel in the lush reality I have crafted for Myself. Count yourself extraordinarily lucky if I decide to let you have a taste of it.