Piercing Play for Beginners Workshop in Austin, TX

I will be offering My Piercing Play for Beginners Workshop in Austin, TX on February 5th from 5-7PM. As a Professional Dominatrix who has been practicing & refining Her craft for half a decade now, I'm thrilled to introduce curious newcomers to one of My favorite BDSM activities of all time. My penchant for medical play often emphasizes the most devious & clinical material of all: cold, sharp, stainless steel. 

The class will focus on the following topics:

  • Where to procure supplies for your scene including: staplers, needles, safety & sanitization supplies, and disposal supplies
  • How to safely apply needles and staples to regular flesh and more sensitive erogenous zones as well as information on which areas to avoid
  • Techniques for safe removal and disposal of needles & staples
  • Ideas for integrating piercing play into medical scenes (including mock surgery), CBT scenes, electricity play scenes, and more
  • Information regarding bloodborne pathogen safety protocol as it relates to piercing/blood play (I hold a certificate in Red Cross Bloodborne Pathogens Training)
  • Creative techniques ranging from relatively mild to hardcore

I will have My personal needle sub available as a guinea pig for our workshop. Under My careful watch, I will allow you to try the techniques I've demonstrated. You are also welcome to bring your own guinea pig as well. There will be a Q&A and handouts will be distributed. All tools and necessary supplies will be provided, as well as refreshments. 

This workshop is open to individuals of all genders and experience levels. Spots are very limited therefore payment upon signing up will secure your place. The cost is $75. Payment can be accepted via Venmo, Square, or cash in person. Please reach out via email if you have any questions.