Here’s what the devoted have to say:


"I now had a whole day to reflect on O/our session yesterday and I would like to share some thoughts with You.  It was the best session I had in years. I clearly felt a nascent connection with You at several levels. I would be more than willing to keep developing this fledgling  relationship under Your dominant leadership, whichever way You decide." - J


"Mistrix Sade, I've been grinning like a Cheshire cat since having experienced your wonderful tune-up.  You are without a doubt a 10 out of 10 experience and the best Domme I've ever played with.  Your eye contact was amazing, it was though you were reading into my soul. Being with you was as though I found a long lost soulmate with a disgustingly kinky mind.  It's as though you were coaching me to the next level in such a confidence building way.  I gotta say you tore me up; I've never felt so dug out.  Looking forward to our next adventure." - S


"I just wanted to thank you for an awesome session yesterday. The play space looked fantastic, the lighting was excellent, the music wasn't too loud and, of course, you looked fantastic. The intensity was moderately high for me but I'm glad you pushed me to play hard! I definitely want to see you again." - T


"From afar and from beneath, I have not witnessed a sight as exhilarating as the FORM of my Goddess. Complete in its splendor, yet not without contrast and complexity.  

The contours of Her stunning and captivating figure leads one’s eye irresistibly from feet upwards. Firm and muscular, yet attenuated at precisely the right places, it makes the eye marvel at the splendid curves, again and again. 

However, none of this is simply by chance or only by inheritance. This no doubt reflects the intent and determination to sculpt it be so. Not by chisel, but by will: Calves, buttocks, shoulders and forearms all compound together to define a form that denotes beauty, health, straight, care, and sophistication. 

Moreover, the smoothness of the skin makes the light sheen and express the elegance and allure of the landscape. It is also this silky and light skin that by contrast expresses the unexpected, but nevertheless complementary - that is to say the dark and thick cover found over the intimate. This is not however, some feeble gesture of modesty. This is an entire world in itself. To even trim it lightly, would be like trying to tame the Amazon - a senseless act, no doubt. But to those with any sense and desire for exploration, it represents a mysterious opportunity to get lost in order to find oneself.

But a static body, no matter how magnificent, would not be what it can be with movement, as in this case where poise and grace are its quality.

… and this are just the few small reasons why my Goddess is perfect in EVERY way."

- A


Our session today was an absolute masterpiece in matching extreme pain with comforting sensuality, from exhaustion to exhilaration. Submitting to somebody with such a warm and confident personality, serious and such welcoming demeanor, great judgment in not going too far or being too easy, and comforting when it was most appreciated, is like a gift from heaven, a mastery in dominance rarely experienced. Looking into your eyes and being close to you, while being subjected to your will, is nirvana. What beauty of mind and body!” - G


 “Do you have hypnotic power? Because I can't stop thinking of you. All day I kept fantasizing about you and our session… snared, trapped, powerless, dominated.” -  J


“I ABSOLUTELY loved when You reached down from squatting above me to wipe Your nectar all over my face. This was probably my favorite part of the entire session. The confidence and comfort You displayed in doing that was a huge turn on!“  - B


“The dark room, candles, and music made for such a magical and witchy experience. I hope soon to find myself again on your altar…” - D