So you think you’re ready.

If you are truly serious about this, here is what I need from you.

In your request, tell me about your experience level with BDSM and Dominas. Have you played with Professional or Lifestyle Dominas before? Are you a newcomer? What are you specifically looking to get out of your session? Are you looking for a visceral, transformative experience? What about long term training? What fantasies are you aching to explore? Be honest! Please fill out my request form so I can get the information I need to craft a mutually enthralling experience for both of us. 

Be thoughtful and serious in your request. Respect my time and I will respect yours. I am quite busy so please allow anywhere from a few hours to 3-4 days for response to your request. My schedule is often filled in advance so keep in mind that I rarely take same day requests. It is advised that you book at LEAST a few days in advance if you want a good chance of seeing me. Additionally, I only choose to play with those I deem a good fit for my desires and interests. If I feel we are not a good fit, I will let you know and possibly refer you to another Domina. If your request is sloppy or disrespectful, you will be met with no response. 

Please arrive on time for your session, no more than 5 minutes early. If you are late, the session will still end at the initially scheduled time. I require that you arrive clean and presentable with the appropriate tribute ready in a plain envelope.

I strongly suggest a minimum of 90 minutes to two hours for all sessions with submissives who are new to me. This allows me proper time to truly get to know your personality and understand your history & relationship with kink. I strive to cultivate deep, cathartic exchanges of power and energy. Longer sessions allow me to take you there. Shorter sessions are acceptable once we have established a relationship.

When would you like to schedule your session? Which time of day do you prefer? Requests made at least 24 hours in advance will ensure a greater chance that you get to see me.
Tell me about your history with kinky play. Have you seen a Domina before?
What catches your interest? What are you aching to explore with me? What are you curious about?
Your health is of the utmost importance to me.
If you do not have any verifiable references I will require a deposit.