How do I address you?

You may call Me Mistrix, Mistrix Sade, Master, Goddess, or Boss. 


What if I have never seen a Dominatrix before?

I love exploring with newbies as much as I love growing over time with devoted submissives. I adore playing with individuals of all races, gender identities, and orientations. It is My great pleasure to expose you to exquisite flavors of pain and indulgence you may not have considered before. I have access to quite the arsenal of toys and tools and have a driving need to flex My creative muscles in fashioning decadent, transformative experiences for the dedicated and curious. Don't be shy! If you are new, I highly recommend scheduling a 90 minute to two hour introductory session so that we may better acquaint ourselves. 


How do you clean your tools?

Our mutual safety is My absolute priority. All tools and toys are thoroughly sanitized after EVERY use with CaviCide (a hospital grade cleaner), alcohol, and/or boiling water depending on the item/surface. Barriers are also used on the appropriate tools/toys. 


What amenities are available to me during our sessions?

You will have access to a full bathroom with a shower and soap. I also provide purified cold water to ensure you are properly hydrated during and after sessions. If you have any other special needs, please let Me know before our session and I will try to accommodate within reason.


What are your limits?

Nothing illegal. No sexual services offered. No haggling on tribute. No animals, minors, or non-consensual acts. No racism (including race play) or homophobic commentary (in fact, if you make racist or homophobic commentary, you WILL be called out and may lose the privilege of submitting to Me). No acts that cause serious bodily harm. No attempts to top from the bottom. No incessant emails, begging, or other acts of disrespect. I will NOT respond to explicit requests so don't waste your time. Initial sessions are ONLY scheduled through My contact form. 


What is your policy regarding cancellations and no-shows?

 I spend a great deal of time preparing for each and every session. In scheduling you for a certain time, I am not scheduling someone else. Therefore, 24 hours notice must be provided for cancellations. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, full tribute is required up front for any future sessions (and is nonrefundable if you cancel last minute again). If you cancel with more than 24 hours notice, a deposit will be required for your next booking. If you are a no-show, you are also required to tribute for entire session that you missed if you ever desire to reschedule. My policy is firm, fair, and professional.


What is your deposit policy?

Deposits are standard practice and I request them at My discretion. If we are planning a longer session or a session at a rental space, a deposit is absolutely required. The amount is dependent on the length and nature of the session. This allows Me to retain space and ensure that you are serious and respect My time. I currently accept deposits via SquareCash, Venmo, GiftRocket, PayPal giftcard, and cash. Deposits begin at $50-80 depending on the length and location of the session. Longer sessions require larger deposits. I accept cash deposits via brief public meeting at a coffee shop or similar location. If you cancel the session with less than 48 hours notice, the deposit is nontransferable. If you cancel with more than 48 hours notice, you may apply your deposit to a rescheduled session. The rescheduled session must be confirmed within 7 days or the deposit is void. This policy is meant to encourage you to be serious in your decision to see Me and respectful of the great deal of time and energy I put into preparing for each session.


How do you conduct your screening process?

I generally require the following information from you so that I can determine if you are safe to meet: name, phone number, location, references, and a deposit. I may require to see your ID at the time of our session to verify that you are who you say you are. I WILL check references by researching the Dommes Myself and contacting them by their publicly available contact information. If you have never seen a Domme before, I will require a deposit, possibly more in depth screening information, and I may require a pre session consultation depending on certain factors. I will NOT respond to explicit requests so don't waste My time.